LEGO Top Gear Behind the Scenes Video is Hilarious

lego top gear behind the scenes


I’m a huge fan of LEGO videos. You know, those videos where scenes from a movie or a computer game are recreated in LEGO and then animated. And come on, how amazing was The Lego Movie! So, when I discovered the LEGO Top Gear¬†behind the scenes video this morning, I just about died. What made it even better is it has the voices of James, Richard and Jeremy, and it is hilarious.


The LEGO Top Gear clip has James running around trying to find his hair, Jeremy sleeping, and Richard stuck on a load of LEGO bricks and then snapping in half. As for the Stig, his body is missing.

What transpires eventually has the boys out on the set introducing the latest episode of Top Gear, and looking like total prats as they do it. Hilarious.



Michelle Topham