Lentera Studio’s Ghost Parade releases in November for PS4, Switch, PC — watch trailer

Indonesian developer Lentera Studio’s side scrolling action-adventure Ghost Parade is set to be released in the west this November, said publisher Aksys Games during the Anime Expo 2019 in Los Angeles last week.

The game will be released in both physical and digital versions, and will be available for the PlayStation 4, the Nintendo Switch, and on PC.

Lentera Studio’s Ghost Parade follows nine-year old Suri, a young girl who gets lost while walking home from school and deciding to take a short cut through the mysterious Svaka forest.

But the game doesn’t revolve around getting Suri safely home, but instead has Suri meeting some of the forest’s ghostly inhabitants and then agree to do everything she can to save the beautiful forest and the beings that live there, all of whom are under threat from the people determined to destroy it for profit.

Lentera Studios has this to say about gameplay during Ghost Parade:

  • Ghost of a Chance – It’s dangerous to go alone! But, with 30 available ghost companions, you won’t have to. Players can interact with up to 70 helpful spirits over the course of their adventures.
  • A Brave New World – Go beyond the known and dive into a fully realized world based on Indonesian mythology and folklore.
  • A Feast for the Eyes – Ghost Parade features beautiful art direction and thoughtful, original character designs, offering visuals as complex and dynamic as the story itself.

And, if you would like to be ahead of the game before Ghost Parade‘s November release, there is also a gorgeously drawn companion comic series that is being uploaded online in serial form from now until then.

You will find that lovely offering on the Ciayo Comics website.

And, of course, watch the official Ghost Parade trailer below, because that artwork is beautiful.

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