Leslie Jones on Twitter Bullying on Seth Meyers — She Didn’t Leave Twitter, Yay! (Video)

leslie jones twitter abuse on seth meyers

Leslie Jones talked about being bullied on Twitter this week when she appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

The bullying on Twitter, of course, coming from bigots who hated that the new Ghostbusters reboot movie has an all-female cast and that one of them, Leslie Jones, was black. So, to deal with their anger, they decided to attack Jones on her Twitter account.

Jones, being a strong woman with self-respect fought back. Something Seth Meyers wanted to talk about.

Jones started off her explanation of the events by saying “First of all, I’m going to let everybody know that I did not leave Twitter. I just signed out because I wanted to deal with what was going on”.

Jones went on to say she woke up the day after to hear that the news media was saying she had left the social media platform when, she knew, she hadn’t.

Happy to hear that, Leslie.

She went on to explain why the Twitter harassment was so frightening.

“What’s scary about the whole thing is that the insults didn’t hurt me. Unfortunately, I’m used to the insults. But what scared me was the injustice of a gang of people jumping against you for such a sick cause. I mean, everybody has an opinion and it all comes at you at one time, and they really believe in what they believe in. And it’s so mean. It’s so gross and mean, and unnecessary.”

As for standing up for herself on Twitter, which of course she did once the racist insults started?

“If I hadn’t said anything, nobody would have ever knew about this. All those people would still have an account, and it was one of those things like hey, when I approached Facebook, they were on it. Twitter? I was on them. I was like ‘Yo, it’s okay, it’s like that’s my favorite restaurant. I love the food there. Three people just got shot in front of me. You all need to get some security”.

Of course, like when most terrible things happen, good always comes out of it as well. Meyers then showed clips of some of the videos Leslie Jones received from fans who just wanted to tell her how much they love her.

Watch Jones on Seth Meyers talking about Twitter bullying in the video below.

And, remember, if you get bullied on Twitter, report it. It’s the only way to get it to stop.