Leslie Jones Tells Seth Meyers How She Deals with Twitter Haters (Video)

leslie jones on twitter haters with seth meyers

Leslie Jones tells Seth Meyers she “blows up” her Twitter haters

Actress and comedian Leslie Jones was on Late Night with Seth Meyers this week where she told him how she deals with Twitter haters.

She’s not one of those celebrities that just ignores them. Instead, if they call her names she calls them names back, and if they’re rude to her she’ll retweet their rude tweet to all her followers and “blow them up”. Good for her, I say.

Jones also told Seth about how she got into the comedy business, and how she knew the first time she stood behind a mic she was going to do that for the rest of her life.

Watch the cool and funny Leslie Jones on Seth Meyers below. It was her very first appearance on a talk show, and didn’t she do well.