Let’s Play Civilization 2: The Test of Time – Awesome Strategy Game

Let’s Play Civilization 2: The Test of Time adds boatloads of new options to classic game

There’s an interesting Let’s Play Civilization 2: The Test of Time video series out from one of my favorite Let’s Players, Necroscope86. It’s probably right about now you’re asking, “What is Civilization 2: The Test of Time, as I’ve never heard of it?” and that’s where it gets really interesting.

Once the video starts to play and Necro has finished his introduction, long-time players of Civilization 2 will notice what pops up on the screen is completely different to the game they’re used to playing.

That’s because Civilization 2: The Test of Time is a massively updated-for-the-21st-century version of the original game — with two new campaigns, awesome updated graphics and the addition of a lot of new maps. It was released in 1999 as a sort of ‘addition’ to Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri, so it also adds a pink slot for aliens on Alpha Centauri as well. Cool, huh?

Where can you buy Civilization 2: The Test of Time?

Civilization 2: The Test of Time is a difficult game to get hold of as, frankly, it wasn’t that successful at launch. If you can’t get your hands on an original copy from somewhere like Ebay, but it still looks intriguing enough of a game to play, make sure you check out Necroscope’s videos while you’re trying to find your own copy.

He has a series of videos up and they’re excellent. It will also make you realize what a pity it is that the game wasn’t more successful, as it would be awesome for every strategy gamer to be able to have this in their collection.

Michelle Topham

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