Light novel Liar, Liar Vol 1 now out in English with second volume on its way soon

With the school-themed anime series Liar, Liar, Season 1 about to come to an end on September 23rd, fans of the anime will be thrilled to hear the light novel Liar, Liar, Volume 1 is now out in English via Yen Press.

Officially called, Liar Liar, Volume 1: Apparently, the Lying Transfer Student Dominates Games by Cheating, the first English language volume was released in North America on September 5th (ISBN — 978-1-975370-59-6).


With 14 volumes now out in Japanese, that also means the English language version of those novels are also still to come, with Volume 2 now officially scheduled for release on November 21st.

Yen Press describes the plot of Liar, Liar, Volume 1 like this:

On the massive island called the Academy, students compete in star-hunting Games to advance their ranks. And among the many competitors, none is better than Sarasa Saionji, the Seven Star Empress.

At least, not until unranked newcomer Hiroto Shinohara beats her by accident. To protect himself and the status quo, Hiroto must fool everyone into thinking he’s the new top student despite almost failing his entrance exam.

Will he be able to keep this lie going when every student on the island wants to take him down?

The Liar, Liar light novel series is written by Haruki Kuou, with art by konomi.

Cover art for Liar, Liar, Volume 1

The first volume is 216 pages long, with the paperback edition selling for $15, and the digital edition for $8.99.

Grab them now.


You can also watch the Liar, Liar anime series now via Crunchyroll.

Steve Reynolds