Like Quest for Glory? You’ll Love Heroine’s Quest: a Free Sierra-Style RPG


Heroine’s Quest: a beautiful homage to Quest for Glory

Fans of the classic adventure RPG ‘Quest for Glory’ must not miss a brand new Quest for Glory inspired game called Heroine’s Quest. It took four years to make, the story is excellent, the graphics are gorgeous, the music is beautiful, the voice acting is professional standard and, the best part? It’s free.


Heroine’s Quest was created by Crystal Shard and tells the story of a world trapped in a permanent winter, overrun with goblins and giants, and the ruler’s call for a heroine to stand up to the forces of darkness and end winter once and for all.

You play Heroine’s Quest as a warrior, sorceress or rogue depending on your style of gameplay. As the game begins you are in the mountains traveling across the winter landscape when you are suddenly attacked by Thrivaldi, a two-headed goblin sent by the evil Egther, and left for dead.

You awake to find you have been rescued and are safe in a cottage in Forsigtuna. It’s now your training, numerous quests and your real adventure begin.

You can download Heroine’s Quest at IndieDB. If you love classic adventure RPG’s, and pine for the days of those superb Sierra games, I highly recommend you do.



Michelle Topham