Listen Tenko’s ‘Enjoy’ from Ted Lasso, S3 E7 end credits after the guys are at Sam’s restaurant having fun

Nigerian alt pop singer songwriter and record producer Tenko’s ‘Enjoy‘ was that fun, upbeat song playing in the final scenes of Ted Lasso this week as everyone is at Sam’s restaurant eating and having fun — Ted Lasso, Season 3, Episode 7.

The Afrobeat-inspired track then continues playing over the Ted Lasso end credits.

Tenko’s ‘Enjoy‘ is one of a slew of non-album singles the indie artist has put out since 2013. This one was released in 2020 as his third single from that year.

Since he signed a contract with the Made Men Music GroupĀ (MMMG) record label in 2013 after being discovered while performing at a local event in Nigeria, Tenko’s music has also come to the attention of some of the industry greats in the west.

People like Elton John, who played Tenko’s ‘Diana‘ while he was hosting his Apple Music Rocket Hour radio show, Drake who hired him as a producer on a collaboration songs he recorded with Swae Lee, and Ciara who released a collab single with him.

Tenko released his debut album in December, 2020 on the Island Records label. It included ‘Enjoy‘ along with 13 other tracks.

The Nigerian singer moved to the United States before the album came out, which is likely to mean he will be given far more opportunities both to release his own music and to collaborate with other top artists.

Listen to Tenko’s ‘Enjoy’ from the Ted Lasso end credits this week on the song’s music video and on Spotify below.

The music video is a cool mix of clips of Tenko performing the song, people in Nigeria “enjoying themselves” and a funny short of a man walking into a supermarket, locking the armed security guards outside and then wandering around the store eating food and generally enjoying himself.

You can hear most of the other songs played on this week’s Ted Lasso on Leo Sigh here too.


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