Listen to Anna Calvi’s ‘Wish’ from Peaky Blinders, Season 5, Episode 6, “Mr. Jones” — spellbinding

Independent English art pop singer songwriter Anna Calvi’s ‘Wish‘ was played on Peaky Blinders last night — the season finale of Peaky Blinders, Season 5, Episode 6, “Mr. Jones“.

The spellbinding track was heard as Arthur and Tommy are in the pub with the informer.

Anna Calvi’s ‘Wish‘ is from Hunter, the award-winning singer songwriter’s third studio album.

Released in August, 2018 via the Domino label, the album was critically acclaimed by most critics, with some even giving it their highest accolades.

As for Anna Calvi, she has also written the music score for all of Peaky Blinders season five, so it is no wonder her songs are appearing on the series as well. Particularly as they are so evocative of the mood of the show.

Listen to Anna Calvi’s ‘Wish‘ in the video below. You can also hear the 10-track Hunter, her latest album, in its entirety in the Spotify widget below that.

Learn more about her, and buy her music, via Calvi’s website.

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