Listen to Bee Gees’ ‘More Than a Woman’ from Love & Death, Ep1 as Pat mows and Candy does laundry

Bee Gees’ ‘More Than a Woman‘ is one of six superb songs played on the soundtrack of the new HBO Max drama Love & Death this week — Love & Death, Episode 1, “The Huntress“.

The song was heard on the episode of the crime drama as Pat is mowing the yard and Candy is inside the house doing the laundry.

The track is still playing as she then looks out of the window and watches Pat mow.

Bee Gees’ ‘More Than a Woman‘ was released by the popular British pop trio back in 1977.

The track was written by the Gibb brothers (the Bee Gees) specifically for the smash-hit John Travolta movie Saturday Night Fever.

A film I went to see as a child four times in the movie theater when it came out. And then I begged my mother to buy me the soundtrack album.

Yep, I still know every word of the ‘More Than a Woman‘ lyrics more than 45 years later.

The song went on to not only be a big hit in Saturday Night Fever itself, and on the movie’s soundtrack, but also to be one of the Bee Gees’ most loved songs.

Now, even more than 45 years after its release, the Bee Gees’ ‘More Than a Woman‘ is still a radio staple around the world, even though two of the three Bee Gees have since died.

Listen to the Bee Gees’ ‘More Than a Woman‘ in the lyric video and in the Spotify player.

As for Love & Death, the first three episodes of the series are now streaming on HBO Max. The rest will then be released once a week until the series finale on May 25th.


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