Listen to Blue Rodeo’s ‘Lost Together’ from Resident Alien, S3, Ep 3 end credits

The latest episode of Resident Alien did not disappoint. Not with its crazy plot, or with the songs featured on its soundtrack.

Songs like Canadian country rock band Blue Rodeo’s ‘Lost Together‘, which played on the episode as Harry, Asta, Dan and D’Arcy are having dinner at the diner.

The track then plays through the ending montage, and stops as Harry is visited by a gigantic blue bird who turns out to be a process server.

He is then told he must leave Earth.

Lost Together’ then plays over the end credits — Resident Alien, Season 3, Episode 3, “141 Seconds“.

When was Blue Rodeo’s ‘Lost Together‘ released?

Lost Together‘ is the title track and the first single from the Canadian band’s fourth studio album, which came out in August, 1992 on the Risque Disque record label.

While neither the album or the song was a huge hit for the indie rock band, the album of the same name did chart at #3 on the Canadian RPM Top Albums chart, and was eventually certified 2 x Platinum in Canada.

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Unlike many of Blue Rodeo’s songs, which verge on the political side, ‘Lost Together‘ was written about a concert the band performed during which they were on one side of a river, and the audience was across the other side.

Due to boats going backwards and forwards, and the distance involved, it made the band think they were both ‘Lost Together’.

Hence, song lyrics like:

I stand before this faceless crowd
And I wonder why I bother
So much controlled by so few
Stumbling from one disaster to another

The track has since become one of the band’s signature songs, is frequently played at weddings, funerals and other special occasions, and is often the closing song at Blue Rodeo concerts.

Listen to Blue Rodeo’s ‘Lost Together‘ as heard over the end credits of this week’s Resident Alien via the band’s album of the same name, and in the video.

Now that’s a cool track, eh?


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