Listen to Bruce Hornsby & The Range’s ‘The Show Goes On’ from The Bear, S2 Ep1 opening scenes

The Bear is back for a second season with more cool songs on its soundtrack

The fabulous Hulu comedy drama The Bear is back for a second season with the usual shenanigans in the kitchen along with another superb soundtrack.

In this season, The Bear kicks off its first episode with the lovely mellow sounds of Bruce Hornsby & The Range’s ‘The Show Goes On‘ playing over the opening scenes, as Carmy and the guys are getting everything ready for the new restaurant opening — The Bear, Season 2, Episode 1, “Beef”.

Bruce Hornsby & The Range’s ‘The Show Goes On‘ was written by Hornsby himself, and was a track released on the soft rock band’s second album Scenes from the Southside.

That album was released in May, 1988 on the RCA record label.

Scenes from the Southside went on to hit #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 album chart, #11 in Australia, #12 in Germany and in the Top 20 on album charts in Norway, Sweden, New Zealand, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Since its release, ‘The Show Goes On‘ has also been featured on several soundtracks including Baywatch and the movie Backdraft.

The song begins with an extended piano introduction until it morphs into a mellow soft rock song with vocals by Hornsby himself.

As for The Range, from 1984 for a number of years, the group was the backing band for Hornsby, an American singer, songwriter and pianist who for several years was also a touring member of the Grateful Dead.

While still performing with the band, Hornsby released three studio albums until he disbanded the group in 1991 to concentrate on a solo career and music projects with other musicians.

Listen to Bruce Hornsby & The Range’s ‘The Show Goes On‘ as heard at the opening of the new season of The Bear in the song’s music video, and on Spotify via the player below.

Meanwhile, the second season of The Bear is now streaming via Hulu.


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