Listen To Ciara’s ‘Give Me Love’, It Has a Great Beat and Is Addictive(Audio)

ciara give me love

Ciara’s ‘Give Me Love’ has an awesome beat and is highly addictive

A couple of months ago, I was obsessed with Ciara’s single ‘I Bet’. So much so, I think I played it solidly for a week, as it wasn’t just the song but also the video I thought was beautiful — (and, no, I wasn’t the only one as ‘I Bet‘ has almost 39 million views on YouTube, and counting). Next month, Ciara has a second single coming out from her latest studio album, Jackie, and today she released the audio file for the song.

Called ‘Give Me Love’, it doesn’t have a video yet — just the aforementioned audio file — but it’s definitely worth a listen, as it has a great beat and a catchy chorus.

The first couple of times I heard ‘Give Me Love‘, I wasn’t a fan as, despite the beat and as much as I love Ciara, it seemed a bit too repetitive for my taste. I have to admit, though, it’s grown on me so much I’ve now been listening to it for half the day.

Listen to it below. But be warned, it’s addictive.


Michelle Topham