Listen to Cold War Kids ‘Restless’ from ‘Lucifer’

Listen to Cold War Kids ‘Restless‘ from ‘Lucifer

The indie rock band Cold War Kids song ‘Restless‘ was featured on the Fox TV series Lucifer┬áthis week – Season 3, Episode 6, “Vegas With Some Radish“.

It was heard as Lucifer and Ella go back to L.A., and as Lucifer finds Chloe, Linda and Dan asleep in his apartment.


Restless‘ is the third single from the latest Cold War Kids’ album L.A. Divine.

Released in April this year on Capital Records, L.A. Divine hit the number 10 spot on the Billboard Top Rock Albums chart, and number 9 on the Top Alternative Albums chart.

Listen to ‘Restless‘ in the video below.

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