Listen to Fern Kinney’s ‘Groove Me’ from The Resident, Season 5, Ep. 14

American R&B singer Fern Kinney’s ‘Groove Me‘ was one of several cool tracks playing on last night’s episode of The ResidentThe Resident, Season 5, Episode 14, “Hell in a Handbasket“.

The song was played as Tara is washing windows and the line holding her up snaps. It plays again as she is in surgery.


Fern Kinney’s ‘Groove Me‘ is a disco remake of an R&B song by King Floyd.

Floyd’s version was released on his self-titled debut album in 1970. It became a hit for the singer, making it to #6 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Nine years later, Fern Kinney, who was one of the backup singers on King Floyd’s original ‘Groove Me‘ released her own disco version of the song.

It also reached #6 on the charts, but this time on the disco chart.

Kinney herself was a solo singer in the late 1970s/earlier 1980s, with a couple of hits to her name. But, as the disco trend began to fade, she was unable to gain traction as a solo artist, and eventually went back to her career as a backing singer.


A shame as her songs that did gain a wide listenership were pretty damned cool.

Listen to Fern Kinney’s ‘Groove Me‘ from last night’s The Resident below.

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Michelle Topham