Listen to Fleurie’s ethereal ‘Turns You Into Stone’ from Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger

The gorgeously ethereally-voiced indie singer Fleurie had another song featured on a major TV show this week. This time it is Fleurie’s ‘Turns You Into Stone‘ that showed up on Freeform’s new superhero series Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger —  Season 1, Episode 4, “Call/Response“.

Turns You Into Stone‘ was played as Tandy sinks down into the lake and then re-emerges with the dagger in her hand, and as Ty goes to the police station.

The song is from Fleurie’s 2016 debut album Love and War.

The Nashville-based singer songwriter’s music has also been featured recently on Pretty Little Liars and Containment. Listen to the pretty track below

Fleurie’s ‘Still Your Girl’ is haunting

Michelle Topham


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