Listen to James Fate’s ‘No Breaks’ from ‘Shameless’ — A Powerful Hip Hop Anthem


Hip hop rap artist James Fate’s ‘No Breaks‘ was featured on the soundtrack of the Showtime series ‘Shameless‘ this week — Season 7, Episode 4, “I Am A Storm“.

It was played when Ian arrived at Patsy’s and asked them to turn the music up. The track was written by Daniel Brake and Nathaniel James, and is from James Fate’s six-track ‘No Breaks‘ EP. It’s a cool track, as it’s a bit of an anthem really.

Listen to James Fate’s ‘No Breaks‘ in both the Deezer plug in and the video below. Just remember, if you play it on Deezer he makes a little bit of money. On the YouTube video, he makes none.

Michelle Topham