Listen to Laura Mvula’s ‘Father, Father’ from Lawmen: Bass Reeves, S1, E1 end scenes

Laura Mvula’s ‘Father, Father‘ ends the first episode of the new Paramount+ drama

British R&B and soul singer Laura Mvula’s ‘Father, Father‘ was the song played at the ending of the new Paramount+ western-themed drama Lawmen: Bass Reeves this week — Lawmen: Bass Reeves, Season 1, Episode 1, “Part I“.

The song was heard as Bass arrives back in town, and sees his wife Jennie walking along the street with a little girl.

The song begins to play as Jennie introduces Bass to his daughter, and then as we see him playing with his daughter on the bed as Jennie looks on laughing.

When was Laura Mvula’s ‘Father, Father‘ released?

The song came out on the British singer’s debut studio album Sing to the Moon, which was released via the RCA Victor record label.

It was the sixth song on the album, but not one of the three singles released from it.

Sing to the Moon itself, however, went on to hit #1 on the UK R&B Albums chart, and #9 on the UK Albums chart as well as to be nominated for a Mercury Prize.

The album also charted on charts in a total of 11 countries, putting Laura Mvula‘s music on the map for many first-time listeners.

Listen to Laura Mvula’s ‘Father, Father’ from the closing scenes of the first episode of Lawmen: Bass Reeves in the video, and via the singer’s Sing to the Moon album on Spotify.

The first two episodes of the western drama are now streaming via Paramount+ and on Amazon Prime Video.


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