Listen to Le’Andria Johnson’s ‘Better Days’ from The Burial’s final scenes – a lovely hopeful song

Tommy Lee Jones and Jamie Foxx in The Burial — Photo Amazon Prime

For a legal drama, the just-released Amazon Prime Video film The Burial features some damned good music on its soundtrack.

Music like Le’Andria Johnson’s ‘Better Days‘, which was that gorgeous song playing over the last montage as we learn what happened to both Willie E. Gary and Jerry O’Keefe after they won their landmark case.

The song plays out the film’s final scenes , and is replaced by ‘Stand by Me‘ over the end credits.

Le’Andria Johnson’s ‘Better Days‘ a great choice for The Burial

In my mind, choosing ‘Better Days‘ for the final scenes of The Burial was a good decision by the film’s music supervisors.

After all, not only is the song itself hopeful, with lyrics like:

It can be rough in this world
I know it ain’t easy but hang on in there
I know better days are coming

it is also a superb musical accompaniment to the movie’s final feel-good scenes, as it is explains how well Willie E. Gary’s career went from that moment on out, and how he and Jerry O’Keefe remained good friends for the rest of O’Keefe’s life.

Better days indeed, eh?

Le’Andria Johnson’s ‘Better Days‘, by the way, was released as a single by the talented American gospel singer on March 21st, 2016.

It has gone on to earn almost 8 million streams on Spotify alone, with the song’s music video grabbing another 1.3 million more on YouTube so far.

Listen to Le’Andria Johnson’s ‘Better Days‘ as heard on the Amazon Prime movie The Burial below.

Meanwhile, The Burial has been released in limited release in movie theaters this weekend, with a full release planned on Amazon Prime Video next week.

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