Listen to Midnight Youth’s ‘Who Said You’re Free’ from Walker, Season 2, Ep. 17

Photo: Rebecca Bannerman/The CW

The now defunct New Zealand indie rock band Midnight Youth’s ‘Who Said You’re Free‘ showed up on the soundtrack of last night’s WalkerWalker, Season 2, Episode 17, “Torn“.

The song was heard as Walker, Cassie and Twyla are at the horse auction, and as Twyla helps take down the guy that attacks her.

Midnight Youth’s ‘Who Said You’re Free‘ was released on the band’s second and final studio album World Comes Calling, which came out in 2012 and was self-published.

The cool rock song came with an official music video of the band performing the track, and was one of the last song’s the band released.

Sadly, and I say sadly as the band produces some superb songs and should have become better known than they were, Midnight Youth disbanded in 2013.

The break up happened not long after lead singer Jeremy Redmore decided to leave the band and go solo.

Listen to Midnight Youth’s ‘Who Said You’re Free‘ as heard on last night’s Walker in the song’s music video, and on the band’s World Comes Calling album.

The second season of Walker is currently airing on The CW.


Michelle Topham