Listen to Molly Sandén’s EP ‘Like No One’s Watching’ – It’s Addictive

molly sanden like no one's watching

Swedish pop singer Molly Sandén finally has a new EP out called ‘Like No One’s Watching‘, and it’s quite addictive.

Consisting of six tracks — Sandén’s previous hits ‘Freak‘, ‘Phoenix‘ (yep, another Phoenix), and ‘Like No One’s Watching’, and two new tracks — ‘Satellites’ and ‘California Dream’ — as well as an acoustic version of the title track, ‘Like No One’s Watching’ has everything a good EP should have.

A couple of powerful ballads, a house dance number and uptempo songs.

Listen to it on the Deezer widget below. Now can’t you tell why Molly Sandén says her influences have been some of the biggest divas of all time, including Mariah Carey and Celine Dion? I can hear them in her voice.


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