Listen to Philip Glass ‘Metamorphosis: Metamorphosis One’ as Featured on ‘Person of Interest’ — Beautiful

person of interest

You have probably heard American composer Philip Glass’ work in movies and on TV shows more times than you could ever know. You can identify it by how repetitive each sequence of the track often sounds. Beautiful in its repetitiveness.

Movies his music has been featured in include The Thin Blue Line, Bent, The Hours, The Fog of War, and Fantastic Four. Glass also composed the theme for the ABC TV series Night Stalker.

The latest show to feature the music of Philip Glass is Person Of Interest, which included the Glass’ track Metamorphosis: Metamorphosis One on its soundtrack on Tuesday night (June 21st, 2016 — Season 5, Episode 13 – “Return 0“) as The Machine explains the secret of life.

Listen to it below.

Michelle Topham