Listen to Portishead’s ‘Glory Box’ from Lucifer, Season 4, Episode 3, “O, Ye of Little Faith, Father’

Lucifer Season 4 screenshot

If you are anything like me, British trip hop, experimental rock band Portishead’s ‘Glory Box‘ is one of those songs you have heard a thousand times, go into spasms of ecstasy every new time you hear it, but still have problems remembering who recorded it.

That was me again this week when watching Season 4 of Lucifer, which showed up on Netflix this week, as Portishead’s ‘Glory Box‘ was played on Episode 3 of that season — “O, Ye of Little Faith, Father”.

And, if you’re not sure which track I’m talking about, it was that gorgeously rich and mesmerizing song played as we saw Eve walking into the LUX nightclub.

Portishead’s ‘Glory Box’ is a song that really gives you the feels. It was released waaaaay back in 1994 on the band’s debut album Dummy, the album that really catapulted the Brit band into international fame.

The track itself was the last single from Dummy and captivated both critics and fans due to its sweet, mellow bassline beginning that quickly morphs into something much harder and sharper, and far more disturbing, by the time the chorus hits.

‘Glory Box‘ is a song that has been used on many TV shows including American Horror Story, Ringer and Numb3rs. It also showed up in films like The Craft, Stealing Beauty and Lord of War, and came with a music video that has lead vocalist Beth Gibbons as a singer in a nightclub.

Watch and listen to Portishead’s ‘Glory Box‘ with the official music video below.  You can heard the band’s debut album Dummy in the Spotify widget below that.

If you are enjoying the music showing up in this new season of Lucifer as much as I have been doing, don’t miss re-listening to Old Caltone’s ‘The Beast‘ from the first episode of the new series either. It is amazing.

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