Listen to Snow Ghosts’ ‘Murder Cries’ from The Grand Tour — gothic, bleak, dark and lovely

Listen to Snow Ghosts’ ‘Murder Cries‘ from The Grand Tour

The Snow Ghosts track ‘Murder Cries‘ was featured on the latest episode of the massively successfully automobile series The Grand Tour this week — Season 2, Episode 7, “It’s a Gas, Gas, Gas“.

The track is originally from Snow Ghosts’ 2013 debut album A Small Murmuration.

An album that is gothic, bleak and dark, and yet was critically acclaimed by critics such as Drowned in Sound who, while picking apart some of the tenses chosen for the lyrics, then had to admit “the fact that this review is reduced to criticising the artist’s confusion of tense shows just how good this record is”.

Snow Ghosts themselves are a three-member British indie group that produces folk and metal-inspired electronic music. Their music tends to be dark, mystical and ethereal in nature.

The band started out as a duo with musician and producer Ross Tones and vocalist Hannah Cartwright. Multi-instrumentalist Oliver Knowles came along soon after.

Snow Ghost’s debut recording was an EP called Lost At Sea. It was released in 2011, followed two years later by their first album A Small Murmuration. Both were released on the indie label Houndstooth.

In recent years, with numerous EPs released and another album, Snow Ghosts has garnered a lot of interest from TV show music supervisors.

This has led to their songs being featured on TV shows like How To Get Away with Murder and Teen Wolf, as well as in the trailer for the movie X-Men: Apocalypse.

Listen to ‘Murder Cries‘ as featured on The Grand Tour below to see what a richness and what a mysterious atmosphere their music provides to any soundtrack.

And yes, the video is just as dark as the lyrics and the sound.

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