Listen to SOHN’s ‘The Wheel’ from School Spirits, S1 E8 as Maddie sits on the roof in episode opening

British ambient pop singer songwriter record producer SOHN’s ‘The Wheel’ was played on this week’s episode of School Spirits last night — School Spirits, Season 1, Episode 8, “Madison’s Body“.

It was the song playing during the episode opening as we see Maddie sitting on the roof of the school, legs dangling over the edge and staring off into the distance.

SOHN’s ‘The Wheel’ is the title track from the singer’s debut EP.

The EP came out in late 2012 on the Aesop label and, with the song’s lyrics and almost mournful tone, is the perfect illustration of that opening scene:

I died a week ago,
There’s nothing left
It’s caught on video
The very last breath
The very last breath

Pretty perfect for that opening Maddie scene, eh?

The Wheel‘ also came with a music video that used found footage to explore, as SOHN himself explained in the YouTube video notes, “the interplay between industry and nature”.

Listen to SOHN’s ‘The Wheel‘ from the opening of School Spirits in that video, and on the now-Sonoma, California-based singer’s debut EP.

The first season of School Spirits is now streaming via Paramount Plus.

You can hear more music from the teen drama, and learn more about the artists creating it, here on Leo Sigh.


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