Listen to The Dig’s ‘Feel Like Somebody Else’ from Suits Season 8, Episode 9, “Motion to Delay”

American rock band The Dig’s song ‘Feel Like Somebody Else‘ was played on the new episode of Suits this week — Season 8, Episode 9, “Motion to Delay“.

The song was played as Louis advises Katrina about her love life, then asks if he can take her out to celebrate her new promotion. Katrina tells him she will go with him another time.

The Dig’s ‘Feel Like Somebody Else‘ is the last track from their 2010 12-track debut album Electric Toys.  The album was produced by Bryce Goggin (Ramones, Phish, Band of Susans, The Morning Glories).

The song itself is difficult to find, however, as even though other The Dig albums are available for streaming on most major platforms, Electric Toys is not available on Spotify, Deezer or iTunes. Wonder why?

Until the track does appear on them, you can listen to The Dig’s ‘Feel Like Somebody Else‘ on a brand new video just uploaded to YouTube below.

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