Listen to The Steel Woods’ track ‘Axe’ from Yellowstone, Season 2, Episode 8, “Behind Us Only Grey”

Country music group The Steel Woods’ song ‘Axe‘ was featured on the drama series Yellowstone this week — Yellowstone, Season 2, Episode 8, “Behind Us Only Grey“.

It was heard as John Dutton calls Malcolm Beck to set up a meeting. It then continues to play through the end credits.

The Steel Woods’ ‘Axe‘ is from the band’s 2017 debut studio album Straw in the Wind. An album that made it to the #42 spot on Billboard’s Independent Albums chart.

As for The Steel Woods, they are a Nashville-based Southern rock quartet that has been together for only a handful of years, yet has already released an EP and two studio albums.

The quartet’s members are Wes Bayliss lead vocalist and guitar, Jason Cope on guitar, Jay Tooke, drums and backing vocals, and Johnny Stanton on bass.

Their latest album, Old News, was released in January this year.

Listen to The Steel Woods’ ‘Axe‘ as featured on Yellowstone. You can also hear their debut album, which features the track, in the Spotify widget below.

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