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Listen to Wieb Zigtema’s ‘TheKillhersong’ from Elementary Season 6, Episode 20, ‘Fit To Be Tied’

To anyone who isn’t Dutch, the name Wieb Zigtema probably sounds like a made up name. An anagram of a real name the singer songwriter and guitarist didn’t like, and so decided to change.

But no, Wieb Zigtema is his real name, he is an accomplished singer and musician from the Netherlands and his track ‘TheKillhersong‘ was just featured on the latest episode of the procedural drama seriesĀ Elementary starring Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu — Season 6, Episode 20, “Fit To Be Tied“.

The track was played as we see Sherlock cleaning, and as Gregson calls to tell him Michael is dead and Joan is the chief suspect.

Weib Zigtema himself has been a member of a slew of bands over the last 40 years, including The Rousers, The Butterfly Clan, The Serenes, and now his own band Zigtema.

At the end of 1996, Zigtema also founded a Rousers tribute band called The Re-Users.

His ‘TheKillhersong‘ with its rich twangy guitar and mournful sound is from his 15-track debut album The Willows Weep released in 2012.

Listen to Wieb Zigtema’s ‘TheKillhersong‘ in the Spotify widget below, and in the video below that.

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