Listen to Wolf Saga’s ‘Calling’ from Killjoys, Mysterious and Powerful

wolf saga

Canadian synth-pop artist Wolf Saga’s ‘Calling‘ was featured on Killjoys on Friday night — September 2nd, 2016 — Season 2, Episode 10, “How To Kill Friends and Influence People“.

It was played during the last scenes of the episode when Aneela drinks plasma, Dutch, Fancy and D’av talk about how all the Sixies are now human but Dutch doesn’t think Aneela is, and Dutch declares war.

And, for me, it is one of those tracks that resonates becauseĀ it has such a powerful piano intro that really grabs you and pulls you in. Yet with such a deliciously mysterious feel to it.

Listen to Wolf Saga’s ‘Calling‘ in the video below. You will also find more of his work on Soundcloud, and can pick up ‘Calling‘ now on all major online digital music sites.

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