Live Your Own Life E13 still #1 most-watched TV show on Sundays – should I just republish this weekly?

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Live Your Own Life still in the #1 slot — for 13th week now

Live Your Own Life, Episode 13 aired in South Korea last night and, just like every episode since the KBS2 family drama premiered on September 16th, it was the #1 most-watched TV show on Sundays.

Both nationwide and in Seoul, the nation’s capital.

In other words, I could probably just republish this weekly with a different episode number and date slapped on it, and the information would likely be the same. (wink)

According to numbers just released by Nielsen Korea, Live Your Own Life, Episode 13 earned 16.8 percent of the audience share nationwide.

That was almost a 2 percent increase from its previous episode’s rating of 14.9 percent.

Meanwhile, in Seoul, the Live Your Own Life, Episode 13 rating was a lower 15.5 percent (weekend family dramas often perform worse in Seoul), but that was still up from its previous episode’s 13.6 percent audience share.

And still enough to make it the #1 most-watched show. Again.

Even when the K-drama’s ratings plummeted due to postponements during the Asian Games, it was still the most-watched TV show on Sundays. And Saturdays too, for that matter.

Live Your Own Life outside South Korea

The Uee-led Korean drama is also still showing strong viewer ratings outside the country, where many people are watching the weekend drama on Viki or on KBS World’s YouTube channel (it’s a few episodes behind, but it’s free).

On Viki, the drama is earning a strong 8.3 rating out of 10, with comments mostly positive about the plot and the actors’ performances,

Over on on My Drama List, however, the KBS2 drama’s rating has dropped to a 7.7 out of 10. But the users of that site are notorious for not liking weekend dramas, so I always take their ratings with a grain of salt.

Overall though, with 50 episodes planned, and the drama not scheduled to end until 2024, it seems Live Your Own Life is already set up to experience a very successful run.

Live Your Own Life stars the aforementioned Uee, Ha Jun, and Go Joo Won, with its next episode heading our way on Saturday, November 11th.

And yep, it looks exciting.


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