Lola Saunders on Why She Was Eliminated from X-Factor (Video)

lola saunders interview


British singer songwriter Lola Saunders was the latest person voted off the X-Factor this week, something fans all over Twitter simply couldn’t believe. ODE got together with Lola afterwards to talk about why she thought she lost out.

According to Lola, she really just didn’t know why she was eliminated. ‘I was just the one with the less votes. I think everyone……none of us could tell who was going”.

Lola went on to say,even though she’d been eliminated from the X-Factor, she still wanted to sing as a career. “To do a job which I love, which is to sing. I would just love to be able to sing every single day, in front of people. It would be amazing”.

For more on what Lola Saunders had to say about her new look, who she got along with the best in the X-Factor house, and if Mel apologized for ‘bad judgment’, watch the ODE interview below.


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