Lorde Had an Awesome Night at the Golden Globes: Looked Amazing Too

New Zealander Lorde apparently had a blast at her first ever Golden Globes on Sunday night. So much so, she was tweeting and Instagramming about it.

Showing off a photograph of herself in a black pants suit, complete with a very cute crop top, Lorde said in her Instagram comments:

“had an awesome night – didn’t win but john did and he is awesome so yay. this was one of my first proper red carpets and i actually had FUN – wore a badass suit and beautiful jewellery and felt like me.


today i sat in bed watching the good wife and eating chocolate. much luvvvvvv. (also, i managed to accidentally but hilariously do a ballgaze hand in this photo, so i win)”

Gotta love Lorde. She is always real, always interesting, and has a Twitter and Instagram account you actually enjoy looking at. And, yes, she is just like the rest of us. Eating chocolate and watching ‘The Good Wife‘.

Oh and did I mention how incredibly cute she looked?

Michelle Topham