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Lorde Sings Jeremih’s ‘Don’t Tell ‘Em’ at BBC Radio 1: Good God, Girl (Video)

lorde don't tell em bbc radio one live


Every time I hear Lorde sing, live or elsewhere, I am blown away that she is only 18-years-old. The richness of her voice is astounding, the emotion she projects into the songs she sings is mind-blowing, and the way she can make someone else’s song completely her own — 40-year-olds can’t do that.

So, while everyone else seems to be blown away by Lorde singing Jeremih’s ‘Don’t Tell ‘Em‘ live at BBC Radio One this week, I’m not. I expect it by now.

Okay, well, I am going to allow myself one quick “Good God, girl”, because she really is amazing.

Done now.

Listen to Lorde singing Jeremih’s ‘Don’t Tell ‘Em’ live at BBC Radio One below. She owns it.

In fact, it’s no wonder Lorde thinks she can get bigger in America. No doubt in my mind.

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