Loreen ‘My Heart is Refusing Me’ – Awesome Dance Track: Repeat Rotation Video

loreen my heart is refusing me official


Swedish singer, and Eurovision Song Contest winner, Loreen is one of only a handful of women I’d do anything to see in concert. Her voice is incredibly powerful, her stage presence is phenomenal, and she sings some of the most dance-worthy songs around. Her debut album ‘Heal‘ is superb (every track is so good), and it’s a song from that album I’m playing as my Repeat Rotation Video today. ‘My Heart Is Refusing Me‘.


Loreen’s ‘My Heart is Refusing Me‘ was the first single from ‘Heal‘, and got to number nine on the Swedish charts. Of course, she is so talented that, if she was American, it would have hit number one in half the countries in the world, and Loreen would be a superstar by now. Shame.

There are a boatload of different versions of ‘My Heart is Refusing Me’, by the way, as it’s been released a couple of times, and then had a whole slew of remixes done as well. But, I’m playing Loreen’s official version of ‘My Heart is Refusing Me‘ as my Repeat Rotation Video. Listen to it below.

Isn’t that an amazing song, and how kick ass are her vocals?

And, if you love it, don’t miss Loreen singing her Eurovision Song Contest winning song ‘Euphoria’ live at Allsång på Skansen in Stockholm. Such a powerful performance.