Loreen Sings ‘Euphoria’ Live at Allsång på Skansen in Sweden: Haunting and Powerful (Video)

loreen singing stockholm allsangen


Yep, over two years behind the times. That’s me.

But….I write about things I like, things I discover, and things that I think other people should be aware of. Because, if I missed it, chances are some of you did as well.

So, here’s Swedish singer Loreen singing ‘Euphoria’ live at the fabulous Allsång på Skansen in Stockholm, Sweden.

A woman whose performances are always haunting, powerful, life-affirming and so f*cking amazing and ……….the…….sheer……energy……. she puts out. God.

In fact, there are few people I would cross oceans to see perform live and, other than my main girl, Loreen is pretty much it.

Seriously, have you ever seen Loreen give a bad performance of this song or any other for that matter? And her voice? And her stage presence? Always, always…………. goosebumps.

Michelle Topham