Lou Teasdale: How to Use Natural Contouring to Make You Look Beautiful (Video)

lou teasdale natural contouring video make up


Not sure if you’re using natural contouring on your face to the best of your ability? Then watch this video from make-up artist and celebrity groomer Lou Teasdale.

She’s the woman who travels with British band One Direction, to always make sure the boys are looking their best. But, this month, she’s teamed up with Vogue to put together a quick video showing you how to use natural contouring to highlight the best features of your face and, of course, disguise those you don’t like.

The way Lou does natural contouring only takes a couple of minutes, but you end up with make-up that will carry you through the day and keep you looking fresh and pretty.

Check her quick routine out below.

Michelle Topham