Louis Walsh Says He’s Not Returning to X-Factor

Louis Walsh
copyright Andy Miah, Creative Commons License

In an interview with The Seven O’Clock Show this week, Louis Walsh says he’s not returning to X-Factor.

Walsh said, after 11 seasons on the show, he wants to get back to managing music artists, which is what he was doing before X-Factor came along, and that he had never intended to be on TV in the first place.

Walsh also said he wasn’t sure if anyone else, other than Simon Cowell, would be back, and that it may be time for X-Factor to see a whole new panel of judges.

As for getting back to managing, and what he has planned, he said,¬†“At the moment, I’m working with Shane Filan – he’s got a new record coming out, and I’m also working with HomeTown.”

Walsh, of course, isn’t the first person to say he’s leaving X-Factor. Presenter¬†Dermot O’Leary also announced his departure from the show a couple of weeks ago. As yet, no-one has been named to take his place but singer Olly Murs is considering doing it.