Watch ‘Love the Coopers’ Trailer and Its Dysfunctional Family at Christmas (Video)

love the coopers

The official Love the Coopers trailer has been released and, yes, it’s another movie about a dysfunctional family at Christmas time. But, if the amazing cast is anything to go by, this film could be a couple of cuts above the rest.

Love The Coopers stars Diane Keaton, Ed Helms, Amanda Seyfried, Marisa Tomei, Olivia Wilde, Alan Arkin and John Goodman, who star as various members of four generations of the Cooper family.

The film centers around matriarch Charlotte Cooper (Diane Keaton), and her wish that her family gets to experience that American dream — a ‘perfect Christmas’.


Needless to say, they probably won’t, but I’m sure we’ll have fun watching them try.

Watch the official Love the Coopers trailer below.

Michelle Topham


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