‘Lovesick’ Season 2 Trailer Released, Netflix Series is Crazier than Before


If you watched the first season of the crazy British comedy Lovesick‘ on Netflix, and laughed as hard as I did, you will be thrilled to know the ‘Lovesick‘ season 2 trailer just released.

And also thrilled because it proves the craziness we got in season 1, as Dylan (Johnny Flynn) contacts every woman he has ever slept with to tell them he has chlamydia, is going to be even worse in season 2.

Interestingly too, while season 1 of ‘Lovesick‘ (originally known as ‘Scrotal Recall‘) appeared on the UK’s Channel Four, season 2 is a Netflix exclusive with no involvement from Channel Four at all.

Expect ‘Lovesick‘ season 2 to show up on Netflix worldwide on November 17th. Until then, watch the new trailer below. See. Crazy.