Madonna Tells Jonathan Ross Her Brit Awards Fall Was Not a “Stunt” (Video)

jonathan ross madonna fall brit awards


Madonna was on The Jonathan Ross Show this weekend, where she talked to Ross about her fall on the stage of the Brit Awards.


Jonathan Ross being who he is, of course, teased her about the Brit Awards fall asking if she’d planned it, if it was “a stunt”, as the lyrics to the song she was singing fit perfectly to her fall.

As classy as always, Madonna laughed about the fall and said, no, absolutely not, it was not a stunt, but that she was “never writing lyrics about that again”. She went on to say she did have ‘whiplash’, and that she had smacked the back of her head when she fell.

Watch Madonna on The Jonathan Ross Show below. And, yep, she’s as gorgeous as always. Plus, can I just add a #TeamMadonna here? Because she damned well deserves it).

Michelle Topham