Maggie Gyllenhaal says she’s done with misogyny and will not accept it anymore

Maggie Gyllenhaal says she’s done with misogyny and will not accept it anymore

As just about any woman will tell you, misogyny (the hatred or contempt for, or the prejudice against women) is alive and well in the 21st century. As a woman, I am here to tell you I experience it on a daily basis from men, and sometimes even women themselves, who honestly should know better.

Then again, when the United States has a ‘president’ who practices misogyny on a daily basis and seems to be proud of it, it is probably not surprising so many men now think they too can get away with it.

Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night, and misogyny was one of the things she talked about.


“I think misogyny is really worth looking at at the moment”.

“Well, it is,” replied Colbert. “Who’d have thought we’d have one in the White House again — a misogynist

‘I’ll go maybe even further, right,” responded Gyllenhaal. “I think when we were making the show, (her current TV series The Deuce), was last summer. It was the election, we were shooting splits, which means we were shooting partially in the day partially at night, and so sometimes we’d be watching the debates on our lunch break.

We were shooting when Trump was saying, “I can grab women’s pussies if I want to”. That was happening as we were shooting. So even though we didn’t know that he was going to be elected, misogyny was on all of our minds.”

“Didn’t you think, of course, he wouldn’t be elected when he said that?” asked Colbert.


“Yes, of course,” said Gyllenhaal, echoing what any person with morals thought back then. “I thought there would be a consequence for it. But when there’s no consequence, we have to say wait, hold on a second, we’re not where we thought we were”.

Gyllenhaal went on to add, “I think before he was elected, sexist things would happen all the time in my life and I’d kinda go “You know what, I’m fine…I’m lucky, I’m doing fine, I’m just gonna take that”, and after he was elected I went “I’m not going to take it anymore.”

And I’ve gotta say, I agree with Maggie Gyllenhaal, and that any woman that does still put up with misogyny in any shape or form needs to examine themselves and to ask themselves “Why?”

Pure and simple.

Watch Maggie Gyllenhaal on misogyny on Stephen Colbert in the video below.

Michelle Topham


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