Magical Girl Incident Vol 1 in English now out – worth a buy for crazy art style and hilarious characters

The new manga Magical Girl Incident, Volume 1 has just been published this week in English via Yen Press for the first time.


The comedy fantasy was written by Zero Akabane, and is now available in both paperback and digital volumes.

The plot of Magical Girl Incident (aka Mahou Shoujo JIhen in Japanese) goes like this:

Every child has a dream job, and for Hiromi Sakura, it was being a hero like his favorite color-coded defenders of justice.

Unfortunately, not all wishes come true, and now he’s forever stuck with a miserable desk job—until one evening, when he steps up to save a little girl’s life.

With his newfound courage and strength to fight evil, Hiromi transforms…into a magical girl?!

The manga is suitable for older teens (Grade 11) on up.

If you enjoy a good fantasy manga with a cool and often crazy art style, and hilarious characters, this one might be it.

It was for me, as I grabbed the digital edition yesterday and had binge-read the entire thing in a couple of hours.

And now I am going back to read it through again while paying more attention to the art style, as it is so superbly done.

Especially when the artist draws Hiromi Sakura’s face as he goes through problems and… ummmm….changes.

You can grab Magical Girl Incident, Volume 1 in English now via Yen Press.

The paperback version is priced at $15 in the U.S. and $19.50 in Canada, while the digital version is $6.99 and $8.99.

If you end up liking it, and you should, the second volume of Magical Girl Incident will be out in English coming out in September.

Michelle Topham