Man with a Mission give rousing live performance of ‘Raise Your Flag’ on The First Take

Man with a Mission’s The First Take one-take performance of ‘Raise Your Flag‘ is pretty damn stellar

The Japanese rock band Man with a Mission was back on The First Take‘s YouTube channel this week with the second of their recently performed one-take live songs.

This time it was an older song that is definitely still a goodie — Man with a Mission’s ‘Raise Your Flag‘ — the rocking opening theme song from the Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS anime series, which premiered in late 2015.

As per usual, every member of Man with a Mission appeared and performed in their wolf masks.

Masks that I always think would hamper their ability to play their instruments or sing with a less than muffled sound — but they don’t.

(Check out those fabulously clever camera angles too, so that we can’t see the faces of the band members who are actually singing underneath their slightly open masks).


What was the first Man with a Mission song they performed on The First Take?

Man with a Mission’s live performance of ‘Raise Your Flag‘ on The First Take is the follow up song to their previously released one-take performance of ‘Kizuna no Kiseki ‘, which came out on The First Take‘s YouTube channel a couple of weeks ago.


That track is the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba -Swordsmith Village Arc- theme song, which the Japanese rock band performed on The First Take alongside singer Milet.

The song was one of two tracks she released with the band earlier this year and, like Man with a Mission’s ‘Raise Your Flag‘, it is a helluva banger.

Man with a Mission, by the way, is Tokyo Tanaka (lead vocals), Jean-Ken Johnny (guitar, vocals, rap), Kamikaze Boy (bass guitar, backing vocals), DJ Santa Monica (DJ, sampling) and Spear Rib (drummer).

Watch Man with a Mission give a rousing live performance of ‘Raise Your Flag‘ on The First Take in the video.

You can also check out their previous performance of ‘Kizuna no Kiseki‘ alongside Milet down there as well.

And yes, with these two tracks, this was the first time the Japanese rock band has performed on The First Take.

But, with almost 10 million plays of ‘Kizuna no Kiseki‘ on the platform already and likely as many for ‘Raise Your Flag‘ by the time fans have finished, my guess is this very cool band will definitely be back.

Watch more superb Japanese artists give their own one-take live performance on The First Take on Leo Sigh.


Michelle Topham