Manhwa ‘Tied to You’ gets English physical copy release – first Boys’ Love for Ize Press but hopefully not its last

A Tied to You publication date has not yet been announced

After many of us have been forced to read a digital version of the popular Korean Boys’ Love manhwa/webtoon Tied to You for a long time, news is out today that the BL is finally getting an official English physical copy release.

According to their official X (Twitter) account, the physical copy of the manhwa is being published by Yen Press imprint Ize Press, although no official publication date has yet been announced for the BL series.

Ize Press, by the way, is the arm of Yen Press that concentrates on bringing physical copies of Korean webcomics and webnovels to an international audience.

They have recently published hit books like The Boxer, A Business Proposal, Solo Leveling, The Horizon, The World After the Fall, and Villains are Destined to Die to name a few of their acquisitions.

Tied to You, however, will be Ize Press’ first Boys’ Love manhwa but, with the genre currently being one of the manhwa world’s most popular, hopefully it will not be their last.

What is the Tied to You manhwa about?

Tied to You, by the way, features a couple of incredibly handsome and very cool protagonists, and a fantasy BL plot that is quite gripping.

Ize Press explains the BL manhwa’s plot like this:

College student Wooseo never believed in fate…until a ring of red thread appeared around his finger! That red thread signifies that his fated partner in life has now been found.

He decides to hide the appearance of the red thread ring from his friend and crush Jiseok, but as fate would have it, the person with Wooseo’s matching set is Jigeon—Jiseok’s older brother! A guy Wooseo used to hang out with when he was a teenager, but someone he hasn’t seen for years.


And then, of course, things develop from there.

You can check out the digital version of Tied to You via Tappytoon, where you can currently read the first three chapters of the 64-chapter manhwa for free, then keep an eye out for Ize Press announcing the BL manhwa’s physical release date.

We will let you know when its publication date is announced.

Meanwhile, I have just added this one to my ‘Must Buy BL Manhwa/Manga‘ list as Tied to You, and the characters in it, have been my favorites for a while now.

Michelle Topham