Mariah Carey Announces Las Vegas Residency and Gives Fans Free Tickets (Video)

mariah carey on ellen las vegas residency


There’s a fabulous video just gone up on Ellen Tube of Ellen Degeneres interviewing mega-star Mariah Carey. In it, Mariah Carey announces her Las Vegas residency (yes, she’s going to be singing in Vegas regularly) and gives a slew of fans free tickets to celebrate.

The interview starts off with Carey talking about her Las Vegas residency, and saying how excited she is. Then Ellen moves to a clip of Carey in Vegas, dressed as a chambermaid, and off to surprise fans who are being interviewed about who they would like to see getting a Las Vegas residency (Mariah Carey, of course).

The shrieks and shouts we get to hear when they realize Mariah is the chambermaid who just walked into their room are hilarious. Even cuter are their reactions when she tells them they’re getting free tickets to a concert.

Check out Mariah Carey on her Las Vegas residency in the Ellen video below. And, can I just say, man, she looks hot.


Michelle Topham