Markiplier Plays ‘Rain World’ and is Funny, Entertaining and Crass but, Man, is This Game Brutal (Video)

I have to admit I don’t watch YouTuber Markiplier much. Not because I don’t like the gaming videos he produces, because I do. Just that there are so many people I watch play video games on YouTube, I don’t have time for another one — not consistently anyway.

Plus, Markiplier is one of the YouTubers signed to Maker Studios, and I detest that company so I try not to support them through the gamers who are signed with them. (Sorry, guys but, if I help you make money by watching your videos, a big chunk of that cash goes to Maker Studios as well).

And I’d rather support an independent YouTube gamer instead of a company like Maker that treats its content creators like garbage.


That being said, Markiplier does occasionally grab my attention, so I do occasionally ignore his Maker connection and see what he’s been up to.

Like this morning when I saw he had uploaded the first video in a new Let’s Play series of ‘Rain World‘ — a game that is getting pretty dismal reviews so far, and one I had held out such high hopes for until I started reading.

But, if anyone can make a game fun and cool to watch, it’s Markiplier. So I settled down for the first 28 minutes of gameplay to suss this game out.

Rain World‘ is a survival platformer game developed by Videocult for PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.

It was six years in development, this strange story about a snake-like cat who is separated from his family when he falls down a cliff.


After his fall, he trudges off into the world to find them, with the player in charge of his avoiding or fighting enemies, foraging for food, and reaching safe hibernation areas before the rain comes and that cute and adorable snake-like cat dies.

And, while many reviewers are saying the game is beautifully designed (and it is lovely), it is also getting rough reviews for its infrequent saves that require you to keep playing the same area over and over again, one-hit kill enemies, clunky controls and a huge amount of time wasted ‘hybernating’.

And, honestly, after watching Markiplier’s first Let’s Play episode this morning, I have to say even his funny, entertaining and crass sense of humor couldn’t quite save this game for me. Not enough for me to want to play it myself.

Because I detest repetitive gameplay, especially when the game seems so unbalanced and unfair, as this one does, so I’d probably end up beating my PC to death with a hammer out of spite if I played it

Besides, when Markiplier names the first video in his series ‘Everything Wants To Eat Me‘, you know this one is going to be tough.

Watch the first episode of Markiplier’s Let’s Play of ‘Rain World’ below to see what I mean. And let’s just say, if you like a huge challenge, and a truly brutal game, you may love this one.

Me? I’ll just keep watching Markiplier’s videos of the game instead.

Michelle Topham


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