Marvel Heroes Review: Tedious Combat, Mediocre Story and a Dull Game (Video)

Marvel Heroes is a bit of a mixed bag as it’s a game that looked wonderful from the starting gate but hasn’t delivered anywhere near what it promised. It’s an MMORPG that plays similarly to Diablo II but with Marvel comic book heroes instead of your usual fantasy world-style swordsmen and archers and, oh yes, it’s free-to-play (sort of).

While it sounds like it could be a lot of fun, initial reviews are starting to come in and a fair number of people aren’t too enamoured of it.

Take IGN, for instance. In their review, they called Marvel Heroes “mediocre”, said combat was “tedious” and the storyline only “passable”. They then gave it only a 5.7 out of a possible 10. Harsh? Nope, I’d say spot on.


While I only played Marvel Heroes for a couple of hours before I got bored, during those hours I agreed with just about everything IGN said. And then some.

After all, when any decent Marvel superhero costs 20 bucks, or you get stuck with one of the boring five free ones, and character customization was incredibly limited unless, again, you forked out major money, I already knew this game was going to be a suck on my wallet. A suck I was capping off at the first breath of air.

If you want to see the videotaped version of the IGN Marvel Heroes review, watch it below. It’s well worth doing before you waste your time signing up for Marvel Heroes and then realize quickly, unless you’re willing to spend the price of a full AAA title getting everything you want in the game, Marvel Heroes doesn’t have that much to offer.

Our verdict (and IGN’s)? Looks pretty, doesn’t pan out.

Michelle Topham