Matt Damon’s ‘The Martian’ Promo is Unusual, Funny and Typical Ridley Scott (Vide)

matt damon the martian

I love British film director Ridley Scott. His movies are incredible, his visual style is amazing, and he loves actors (unlike many directors, who really don’t), so they get to do what they do best in his films. Act.

So, when I saw Ridley Scott was directing Matt Damon in his new movie ‘The Martian‘, I just knew this one was going to be beautifully done. If the new promo trailer for ‘The Martian‘ is anything to go by, it looks like I may have been right. After all, this is already typical Ridley Scott with its incredible attention to detail, so you can only imagine what the movie will be like.

In this ‘The Martian‘ promo, we get to see a more unusual way of promoting a movie. A video that looks like the typical NASA video logs we get any time American astronauts head off into space, and where Damon, aka┬ábotanist Mark Watney, introduces the crew he’ll be working with. Just as if they’re a real live crew of astronauts heading on a manned mission to Mars.

The Martian‘ promo trailer is called “Ares 3: Farewell”. It’s cute, funny, and interestingly done. And now, I can’t wait for the movie even more. It releases to movie theaters on November 25th.

Watch the promo below.