Mega Man 11 walkthrough has all levels, bosses and weapons powers in less than 2 hours

Mega Man 11 walkthrough

This Mega Man 11 walkthrough will give you everything you need

Looking for a full Mega Man 11 walkthrough that includes all levels, bosses and weapons powers?

This less than 2-hour walkthrough from YouTuber ProsafiaGaming played on Normal difficulty should give you exactly what you need.

In fact, ProsafiaGaming has managed to do a full Mega Man 11 walkthrough in just one hour and 56 minutes with no commentary, and with every world time stamped. That way, you can just watch the worlds you are stuck on if that is what you are looking for.

Plus, he is a damned good player and the game itself is a helluva lot of fun! Especially as some game critics said some levels in the game were “too long” and with too big of a difficulty spike.  Yet ProsafiaGaming didn’t have a problem. Go figure!

Mega Man 11 was developed and is published by Capcom, and is the first new game to be released in the Mega Man series in over eight years. It was released for the 30 year anniversary of the game series.

The 11th game in the series also has the excellent voice acting and the sweet 2.5D graphic style from the previous games.

Mega Man 11 is out today for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Now watch ProsafiaGaming’s Mega Man 11 walkthrough below. It’s excellent, and incredibly fun to watch.

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Michelle Topham