Megan Mullally Tells James Corden She Didn’t Know She Had an Emmy Nomination (Video)

megan mullaly

James Corden continues to get the most amazing guests on his new show The Late Late Show with James Corden. One of this week’s guests was the fabulous Megan Mullally, her of Will & Grace fame.


Nowadays, however, Megan Mullally has just been nominated for a Daytime Emmy for her voice work on Sofia the First, a computer animated series for kids. Mullaly was the voice of Miss Nettle on two episodes of the series.

Funnily, Mullally had no idea she had been nominated for a Daytime Emmy. As she told James Corden, her assistant told her about it when he arrived one day at her house and said “Congratulations”. Megan had no idea for what.

Watch her explain the story below. And, yep, she’s still as cute and quirky as she always was.